Sydney Pools – A Guide to Finding a Reputable Builder

Sydney pools are an integral feature in many homes across Sydney and provide much-needed relief from the intense summer sun. Not only can they help homeowners keep fit while socialising with family and friends, but swimming pool construction is a major investment and selecting an experienced builder is crucial to ensure its completion correctly. Unfortunately, one such builder recently declared bankruptcy leaving its clients without finished pools but only dirt behind – this article provides tips to select an effective pool builder so as to avoid similar misfortune.

Ocean pools are swimming and bathing pools located above the high-water mark on beaches, typically made out of concrete, pebbles or sand – although sand remains most popular. Ocean pools provide swimmers and bathers with a safer alternative to natural beaches while being popular with children, surfers, volleyballers and others.

Most Australian ocean pools can be found along the southern half of NSW coastline, where sandy beaches and rocky headlands meet sandstone, providing the ideal balance between an easily excavatable material and stable rock structures that won’t deteriorate with human time scales. As a result, Sydney is known as “Sandstone City”. As well as numerous sea pools along its coastal areas.

Bronte Baths and its adjacent ring-of-rocks pool at Bronte Beach are examples of ocean pools, while others may be less formalized and simply called baths or bogey holes. Unemployment relief schemes and government funding allowed communities to purchase previously unaffordable ocean pools during this era.

On Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Cabbage Tree Bay Eco Sculpture Walk features numerous ocean pools – most notably, its picturesque Cabbage Tree Bay Rock Pool that lies below Shelly and Manly beaches promenades. Furthermore, this Eco Sculpture Park houses iconic Sea Nymphs sculpture.

Murray Rose Pool in Sydney Harbour stands as another fine example of a Sydney pool, serving as a shark proof swimming area and boasting shallow enough waters for children to safely enjoy swimming, as well as being enclosed by a wooden boardwalk to separate itself from superyachts anchored at Double Bay. A popular hangout among cashed-up locals, Murray Rose Pool provides the ideal place for swimming, picnicking and relaxing – the ideal oasis in which to swim safely, picnic safely and relax in.

For optimal results when selecting a Sydney pool, it is vitally important that you conduct extensive research. Be sure to obtain a detailed quote prior to starting any work and read your contract closely to protect from unexpected costs during construction. Finally, check whether or not your pool builder offers warranties and their terms before signing any contracts with them.