The HK Prize and Other prestigious Awards

hk prize

The HKS Prize competition is an esteemed Asian contest that recognizes students’ academic accomplishments and extracurricular participation, awarding both with financial prizes as well as conducting scientific research at some of Hong Kong’s premier facilities. Before applying, participants should read carefully through its rules and regulations as each competition has specific criteria that must be fulfilled in order to win.

Sammo Hung, an acclaimed veteran performer and martial arts film star, received a lifetime achievement award at the 2024 Hong Kong Film Awards held at Hong Kong Cultural Centre Sunday evening. Established in 1993, the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) is run by an eleven-member board of directors representing 13 professional film bodies; voting takes place January-March each year and winners selected by jurors including film workers as well as critics.

Joshua Wong and his pro-democracy protest movement have been nominated for a Nobel peace prize. Their unprecedented 79-day street occupation to pressure Beijing for democratic concessions proved so effective that authorities passed a national security law to suppress further dissension; several members were arrested. Still, their determination demonstrates how people can overcome any obstacle, even facing arrest and imprisonment themselves.

Cantopop singer Ronald Cheng began his career in Hong Kong cinema during the late 1980s by playing low-profile roles. Over time, however, he rose to become one of its most beloved figures; making over 50 movies so far and showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The annual H. K. Prize is an esteemed award that celebrates individuals who advance world civilization and inspire others towards creating an equitable society. Past recipients have included selfless volunteers helping homeless individuals as well as scientists developing liquid biopsy technology for faster cancer diagnosis. Scientists can apply to receive this hk Prize by publishing an impactful paper in an accredited peer-reviewed journal, such as clinical studies, observational or epidemiological analyses or meta-analyses.

Generocity runs other competitions to give students an opportunity to make an impactful contribution to their communities, such as the HK Global Development Prize which encourages submissions of ideas for creating an Official Development Assistance program in Hong Kong and Macau. These competitions are open to high school students from Hong Kong and Macau alike.

The Hong Kong Prize, one of Asia’s leading student writing competitions, has been running for more than a decade and provides high schoolers an ideal platform to display their talents while winning an award can give a career boost. Furthermore, top ten finalists receive both monetary prizes and shopping vouchers, with their schools receiving HK$10,000 per finalist; members of the public may vote on favorite entries and participate in various activities related to voting or public voting; for more information please visit their website or follow them on social media to stay up-to-date on new developments!