How to Win the Hong Kong Prize

Hong Kong offers plenty of opportunities for those who seek to study and excel in their field. One such competition, known as the Hongkong Prize, allows students the chance to win large sums of money and travel expenses – though talent and dedication will likely be necessary – while to maximize your chances of winning, it is vital that all regulations and rules are read thoroughly beforehand.

BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE is organized by Hong Kong Alliance of Technology and Innovation (HKATI) under sponsorship by Bank of China (Hong Kong). Its charter seeks to promote scientific research while contributing to economic development in Hong Kong through science and technology innovation. HKATI Board Members are charged with reviewing and interpreting Charter articles; suggesting research fields appropriate for THE PRIZE; nominating experts; verifying and approving review results and running THE PRIZE’s secretariat operations.

The Hongkong Prize is an illustrious award that recognizes scientists for outstanding contributions to their fields of study. Every year, thousands of applicants apply to this competition – providing an ideal way to establish yourself within your industry while networking with fellow scientists and building valuable business relationships.

This year’s Hongkong Prize nominations were both inspiring and heartwarming. Nominees included activists fighting for democracy and freedom while facing jail time; community service initiatives providing assistance; as well as stories demonstrating that human spirit can prevail even under duress.

Better Days was a surprise winner of three out of the four top categories at the 2020 Hong Kong Film Awards, cementing Derek Tsang as an emerging Hong Kong director and awarding Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee with prizes for their roles. Additionally, Better Days became an unheralded success both domestically and abroad as it won awards from both audiences.

The Hongkong Prize offers an exciting opportunity for writers who love writing about Hong Kong history. A judging panel will evaluate your writing skills as well as understanding of Hong Kong culture and history. While winning may not come easily, it will certainly be worth your efforts; winning can help build solid reputations in various fields as well as gain international exposure. Ensure you research each competition before applying so as not to commit costly errors! Good luck and best of luck!