Hong Kong Pools

hongkong pools

Hong Kong pools provide an effective means of cooling off from the summer heat. They offer a cool environment in which to socialize and unwind, as well as exercise opportunities that are good for health. Swimming can even reduce stress levels and boost one’s mood – no wonder so many love to do it!

Hong Kong boasts an abundance of outdoor and indoor pools, both training and diving pools as well as leisure pools. There are even water slides and other recreational activities that you can enjoy during the year! Plus, Hong Kong pools are open year-round so you can take advantage of them whenever it suits you!

One of Hong Kong’s more striking pools can be found at the International Commerce Center on the 118th floor – it boasts the world’s highest pool and provides stunning views of Hong Kong Island from floor-to-ceiling windows, featuring images of clouds, tropical fish and beaches on LCD screens; lounge chairs are provided around it and it features its own Jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation.

Hong Kong is home to several popular swimming pools, including the Olympic Pool – an indoor large-sized pool which hosts swimming competitions and other events – as well as Hong Kong Water Park with various water-based attractions, both open to the general public and popular among locals alike.

The Olympic Pool serves as home for the Hong Kong Swimming Association, an organization which oversees professional swimmers in Hong Kong. With a longstanding history and dedicated members who strive to help local swimmers develop into world-class athletes. Furthermore, recreational activities for members include swimming lessons and coaching sessions.

Hong Kong boasts 45 public swimming pools, most of which remain open year-round. Some will temporarily close for maintenance three times annually – to be safe it’s best to contact each pool directly and check online first to make sure it will be open before visiting!

Swimming is a versatile form of exercise that can be performed virtually anywhere. Swimming can help you lose weight, tone your muscles and lower blood pressure. Furthermore, swimming may boost metabolism while helping fight depression or mental illnesses such as anxiety.

To maximize your swimming experience, it is recommended that you obtain a Hong Kong Public Pool Monthly Ticket from any of the following venues and costs HKD$300 monthly; half price admission applies for students, children 3-13 years old and people aged 60 or over. With this ticket you gain free admission to all city public swimming pools, even those closed due to maintenance; validity lasts 12 months from purchase date.