Cool Off at One of Hong Kong’s Many Pools

Since summer’s heat has already begun to increase, now is an opportune time to visit one of Hong Kong’s many pools and relax in one. From kid-friendly aquatic centers to breathtakingly scenic swimming spots that overlook our vibrant skyline – we offer an abundance of choices!

Ominous weather didn’t stop swimmers from diving into the water this morning! Public pools across Sydney opened to the public for business Thursday, with Kennedy Town Swimming Pool among those most heavily trafficked in its first hours of operation. This large leisure facility houses three outdoor and two indoor pools – making it perfect for family fun days out or serious swimming practice alike!

Tsing Yi Swimming Pool offers visitors looking for more variety. This stunning complex offers not only its main pool but also teaching pools, leisure pools and even one designed especially for toddlers – not to mention slides and other fun activities! Additionally, Tsing Yi remains open year-round so no matter the season it can still accommodate your swimming needs!

Bride’s Pool in the New Territories is an idyllic series of waterfalls and pools created by damming up of a gorge, accessible via hiking the Bride’s Pool Nature Trail. As its name implies, Bride’s Pool provides stunning views of mountaintops and sea in the distance–well worth its one-hour sweaty journey!

No matter what level of relaxation in social distancing rules comes into effect in phase-two of social distancing policies in Hong Kong, public pools will still only accommodate 50% of their capacity due to shortages of lifeguards protesting over government refusal of overtime shifts and other working conditions.

Swimming isn’t just an excellent way to burn calories and stay fit; it can also improve your mood and ease tension. Swimming provides over a dozen health benefits! So if life seems overwhelming at times, give yourself the boost your wellbeing deserves by jumping in!

Have you experienced any of Hong Kong’s finest swimming spots? Tell us in the comments below, or check out our list of Hong Kong hotels here for restful nights spent exploring. Our experts have selected only top hotels so that your stay can be luxurious yet comfortable!