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Students Enrollment 2015-16

Students Enrolment 2015-16  

President Dr. S. Nath, Principal
Vice-President Mrs. D. Moral, Vice-Principal
Advisor Dr. B. Sarma, Dept. of Chemistry
Co-ordinator Dr. R.Tiwari, Dept. of English
  1. Dr. S. K. Tiwari, President, G.B.
  2. Chinmoy Sarma, Scientist
  3. Rohini Choudhury, Alumini, Retd. ADC
  4. Dr. D.C. Nath, Dept. of Botany 
  5. Prof . P. Kalita, Dept. of Economics
  6. Dr.  G.C. Das, Dept. of English
  7. Dr. D Nath, Dept of Botany
  8. Dr. B.Barman, Dept. of Physics
  9. Mrs. S. B. Choudhury, Dept. of Pol. Sc.
  10. Mr. D. Patowary, Dept. Of Mathematics
  11. Mr. H. Roy, Dept. of Physics
  12. Mr. D .Das Dept. Of Geography
  13. Mrs. N. Ahmed, Dept. of English
  14. Dr. S. Sarkar, Dept. of Botany
  15. General Secretary, Student Union

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