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Abhayapuri College, located in the heart of Abhayapuri Town , the "Devadaru Nagree", is one of the oldest colleges in Assam. TheCollege, since its inception on 13th August 1955, is well-known for its strict discipline , academic excellence and excellent result history , and dedicated effort of the teachers, staff and Governing body members for all-round development of the Instituion.


Mission and Vision:
          The College carries the mission of imparting higher education to the students coming from  surrounding backward areas in order to make them good and responsible citizens of the country.
          The college in its stride for higher education , has a vision for expanding its field of imparting higher education to make the students fit for modern competitive world. 

» To impart higher education of enhanced quality enabling the stu- dents for facing the growing challenges in a highly competitive world through a host of dedicated teachers.
» To mentally prepare the students for appearing boldly in the struggles of life.
» To create scientific temperament and humanitarian values smong the students.
» To create awareness and understanding regarding social problems among the students through Extension Education.
» To develop overallpersonality of the students by encouraging them to participate in games, sports and other co-curricular activities.


Principal, Abhayapuri College
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Abhayapuri College is situated in Abhayapuri Town. Abhayapuri is a small town in Bongaigaon district in the Indian state of Assam. Surrounded by natural forests and hills, it is located on the National Highway 31, about 200 km Guwahati the Capital City of Assam. Nearest airport is at Guwahati.A small 'Abhayapuri Railway Station' Connects Abhayapuri with nearest Railway Juction Station of New Bongaigaon, Nearly 20Km Road Route to Abhayapuri from Bongaigaon Town gives easy communication from New Bongaigaon Railway Station which connects Assam to other parts of India.

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