Singapore Pools – For Community Purpose and Benefit

If you enjoy betting on football matches, horse racing and motor racing events, Singapore Pools accounts can provide hours of fun betting! This state-owned company is known for their competitive odds and outstanding customer service; with options such as online sports betting and esports.

The company provides responsible gaming measures and tools to assist its customers in controlling their gambling habits, such as setting deposit and betting limits on accounts. If they experience difficulty, helplines or webchat services can also be called upon for assistance or advice regarding their gambling behavior. In addition, educational resources and support resources for problem gamblers are also offered by this provider.

Singapore pools make betting from home easy with Poolz Connect’s innovative phone betting system allowing users to place bets via an Internet Protocol-based telephone line connection, with winning prize money directly deposited into pre-approved bank accounts. Furthermore, their POS terminals can read special barcodes that contain unique IDs linked with individual users’ personal and banking details for easier tracking purposes.

Singapore Pools has long been known for its responsible gaming operations since it first opened its doors in 1968, and is committed to the principle of community purpose and benefit in everything it does. Their motto is “For Community Purpose and Benefit”, reflecting their belief that taking an ethical approach to gambling can mitigate against its harmful side-effects; contributing a considerable portion of revenue back into community programs through government grants; while striving to become an exemplary corporate citizen through technology.

Singapore Pools partnered with Collective Campus to offer tech crash courses for its employees. These one-day crash courses cover ideation techniques, innovation theory and emerging technologies; helping employees think more creatively and generate more original ideas. In addition, Singapore Pools established iShine Cloud so other charities may access an integrated suite of charity-specific IT solutions from them.

Singapore Pools’ employees play a prominent role in giving back to the community through volunteering efforts. Last year alone, over 5,000 of their employees took part in over 80 volunteer outreach programmes annually and grants were made available for various non-profit organisations and schools in need. Furthermore, this “Company for Good” has pledged its IT capital and infrastructure in helping other charities improve productivity, governance, and efficiency through its new initiative called iShine Cloud that was introduced this year.