Domino’s WONDER of the Week


Domino’s pizza has long been synonymous with innovation. At the forefront of new tech advancements is Domino’s, leading with innovative order placement techniques from texting an emoji through text messaging to using voice-activated devices such as Amazon Echo. Their success can be traced back to one key principle – listening to customers. This applies not only to employees and their own family members but even extended beyond them all!

This WONDER explores the Domino Effect–those small actions which produce ripples of change that lead to larger changes. Jennifer Dukes Lee has seen first-hand what happens when she decides to make her bed every morning: it has led to more organized living habits that range from organizing Tupperware in her kitchen and placing an ornamental pig on her bedside table.

Juan was inspired to write this week’s WONDER by his curiosity for more information on the Domino Effect.

Watch this video to watch an incredible domino artist use science to create incredible displays with these tiny black and white pieces. Hevesh has worked on projects involving 300,000 dominoes as part of her Guinness World Record-setting collection: 76,017 in circular arrangements! Creating such intricate designs may not come easily but she credits one physical phenomenon as pivotal.

Dominoes are square-shaped units in a standard 28-piece set, sometimes known as bones, cards, men, or tiles. Each domino typically has an edge which divides it into two squares with distinct values or “pips.” To determine its worth, one may count its dots per side or compare its pips to those from an existing tile to determine its value; when these match up then it is considered part of that row or column and can be added onto.

There are various varieties of domino games, from basic blocking and scoring games to complex strategy ones. One popular type is positional play: each player strategically arranges dominoes edge-to-edge so that they form an exact total or pattern; the first player to do this wins! While some dominoes may be designed specifically to do this, others can be mixed and matched more freely for more interesting combinations.