Data Protection Laws in Hong Kong

Data strategies are indispensable for meeting regulatory requirements, operating efficiently and making sound business decisions in today’s digital economy. Acquiring accurate information leads to improved decision making, increased productivity and enhanced revenue and profits; it also plays a crucial role in satisfying customer expectations and building long-term relationships with them while helping businesses become more competitive globally.

With so much data being accumulated and stored, protecting personal privacy is of the utmost importance. Hong Kong’s data hk laws offer high levels of protection for residents’ personal data by mandating that companies disclose how they collect and utilize it as well as providing control to residents over their data collection processes.

The Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (“PDPO”) establishes six data protection principles and imposes specific obligations upon data controllers, such as informing data subjects of why their personal information will be collected. Furthermore, data users must obtain express consent from data subjects before sending their personal data abroad, with transfers made only to countries or organisations previously notified to them before collection of said data.

This law gives additional rights to data subjects by restricting how their data can be used, such as prohibiting medical researchers from sharing patient information that could be used to develop new treatments, as well as restricting government usage of social media information to track people or restrict free expression for those posting sensitive material online. Unfortunately, however, the law has come under criticism by tech companies who fear its implications could stymie innovation and economic development.

Google made an unprecedented move in response to criticism of its new law by announcing it would stop providing data about its users to Hong Kong until it amended it to address privacy concerns. Other US tech companies like Apple and Facebook halted handling requests from Hong Kong authorities for user data while reviewing this new legislation; as part of transparency reports released by these firms they denied 19-50% of requests received prior to passing the new law for user data requests from them in 2014.

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