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Tech Data HK, a subsidiary of TD SYNNEX (NYSE:SNX), is a world-class distributor and solutions aggregator in the IT ecosystem, serving over 150,000 customers in 100 countries to maximize value from technology investments while unlocking growth opportunities. Our team of 23,500 co-workers specialize in uniting top-of-class products from over 1,500 top technology vendors into compelling IT products, services and solutions that drive value creation for each of these customers.

Hong Kong is a data protection jurisdiction governed by the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO). The PDPO establishes data subject rights, specific obligations for controllers and regulates collection, processing, holding and use of personal data through six principles of data protection. Furthermore, this legislation prohibits disclosure without consent or for other lawful grounds as well as providing exemptions such as crime prevention or protecting public interest.

As such, businesses should ensure they understand and comply with the PDPO’s requirements in order to protect the data of their customers. First introduced in 1996 and significantly amended again in 2012 and 2021 – especially 2021 amendments which focused specifically on disclosing personal information without consent (known as “doxxing”) with serious penalties attached if violations occurred.

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