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Contact Principal

Dr. S. Nath Principal
M.No: 03664-281424
Abhyapuri College
Bongaigaon (Assam)
Phone : 03664-281424
Email :

Contact Coordinator of School of Professional Studies

Dr. G. Gogoi
Mobile : 9435242629
Email :

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Online Admission Form Fillup (2019-20)       

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Students Enrollment 2015-16

Students Enrolment 2015-16  


Principal's Message

Principal's Message
This Website is an outcome of sincere effort of Abhayapuri College to focus some of its basic information which guide the students seeking ....Read more...

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Vocational Programme 

Community College Website

Community College Website


 The Central Library , Abhayapuri  College  has  enrolled  itself  into N-LIST  Programme of INFLIBNET Centre from the  year 2012 through which a Library user can access and download e-resources including both e-books and e-journals  free  of cost,online. 

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