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Department of OFFICE

Staff List of department: OFFICE

1abhay106» Nilam K. RayLDA (Contractual)BA
2abhay071» Hitesh PathakLDAB.Sc.
3abhay09» Anil Kr. RayS.A.HSLC
4abhay10» Manoj Kumar ChakrabortyUDAHS( Sc)
5abhay11» Suchil Ch. RayUDAHSLC
6abhay12» Pranjit DuttaLDAHS
7abhay14» Dipak Ch PathakLDAB.A.
8abhay92» Manik Ch. RabhaOffice PeonVIII
9abhay93» Karen Kumar RayOffice PeonVIII
10abhay101» Nripendra Narayan BanikyaElectrician(non- sanctioned)IX
11abhay102» Haren Chandra DasPeon (Contractual)HSLC
12abhay103» Ratul KakotiLDA (Contractual)BA
13abhay104» Bedanta Sarma BoralLDA (Contractual)BA
14abhay105» Upen RaySecurity Man (Contractual)VIII
15abhay107» Nilam K. RoyLDA (Contractual)BA
16abhay109» Kishok AdhakaryPeon (Contractual)VIII
17abhay110» Dibakar DasPeon (Contractual)IX
18abhay113» Parameswar RoyNight Chowkidar (Contractual)VIII
19abhay116» Rameswari RavidasCleaner (Contractual)nil
20abhay117» Monomati RayCleaner (Contractual)VIII
21abhay118» Damayanti RayVIIIcleaner (Contractual)
22abhay119» Raja BasphorCleaner (Contractual)Nil
23abhay094» Biplob Kr DasOffice peonHS
Faculty : ARTS
» Assamese
» Arabic
» Economics
» Education
» English
» History
» Philosophy
» Political Science
» Library
Faculty : SCIENCE
» Botany
» Chemistry
» Electronics
» Geography
» Mathematics
» Physics
» Zoology
» Computer Science
Faculty : OFFICE
Faculty : B.VOC


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Principal's Message
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